Where can you buy Randoseru?

Do you know Randoseru (ランドセル)? This is a backpack for elementary school children in Japan. However, Randoseru is not just a backpack, but the special and an expensive bag for elementary school children.

The bag costs from 20000 YEN to 80000 yen, or more. The bag is very detailed, functioned, high quality designed to use throughout elementary school years, six years. Since kids are supposed to use Randoseru for six years, the cost in average 30000 ~50000 Yen (250 to 450 USD) may not sound so expensive?

If you check Amazon JP website, and type ランドセル, you will find a variety of designs, colors, shapes. You may be attracted by the backpacks.

Sometimes I am told by non-Japanese nationals that they are actually using Randoseru as their regular bags, even though they are not elementary school students any more. But it is understandable if you would like to use Randoseru because it is beautiful, high quality, and strong. If you are using Randoseru in your county, of course not in Japan, other people would say the bag is unique and stylish.

So, where can you buy Randoseru?

You could buy one on-line. Major on-line shopping sites will ship items overseas. But you may expect to add shipping fees on top of the Randoseru price.

If you are planning to visit Japan, it will be the great opportunity to purchase Randoseru.

You can see Randoseru at a department store, shopping mall. Try visiting a shopping mall in a suburb area where many young families with younger kids are living.

New first grade children need to buy Randoseru before first day of school in April. The Randoseru shopping season will start as early as fall to winter before spring.

Randoseru’s traditional colors are red for girls, black for boys.
But now there are a variety of colors available. Pink, brown and purple are popular among girls, green and blue are popular among boys.

Randoseru is a very special backpack for Japanese children, and it may be the special bag for you as well.


Author: Akiko Imairi

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