Kudan Institute of Japanese Language and Culture

Why we like Kudan Japanese Language School

We like Kudan Institute of Japanese Culture, because this Japanese language school is one of the oldest schools that offers not only Japanese language classes, but also cultural experiences. Their Manga Course has been a popular program for students who are passionate about Manga. The school offers programs for high school students as well. Both students for short-term and long-term are welcome. FREE Wifi available in the school. Japanese tea room is also in the building where you can learn Traditional Tea Ceremony.

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About the School

Their philosophy is to foster pro-Japan people and promote an understanding about the country. They accept high school students and college students (accepting junior high school students will depend on certain conditions).

Programs and Courses

Hiragana Katakana Course

This course is for students who will be studying Japanese for the first time.
There will be Hiragana and Katakana reading and writing practices, as well as the ability to be able to talk about one’s country and daily living in a simple manner. The aim of this course is to learn basic vocabulary and expressions for daily conversation. *After the course is completed , the student can transfer to the intensive course.

Time: 9: 10 – 12: 40
20 lessons/week, Monday – Friday

4 weeks: 88,000yen

Conversation Course

This course is for students who particularly aim to learn and mainly develop their conversation skills.
Conversation practices are executed while assuming certain situations as well as utilizing a variety of topics.

Time: 9: 10 – 12: 40
20 lessons/week, Monday – Friday

4 weeks: 88,000yen
12 weeks (1semester): 204,000yen
12 months: 905,000yen

Intensive Course

In this course, one will learn the four language skills (listening, reading, writing, speaking) in a well-balanced comprehensive manner, and be able to systematically learn.

Time: 13 :30 – 17:00
20 lessons/week, Monday – Friday

4 weeks: 88,000yen
10 weeks (1semester): 175,000yen
12 months: 785,000yen

Manga Course

The dream course of Japanese language and Manga is now here through the collaboration of Kudan and Mangajuku!(Professional Manga School) You can learn both Japanese and Manga during your short stay of 3 months in Japan.

1 month Course, 5 lesson /2-month Course, 10 lessons / 3-monthCourses, 16 lessons

1 month: 148,000yen
2 months: 256,000yen
3 months: 374,000yen

Holiday courses

The purpose of this course is to provide students with many practices of daily conversation for their spoken & listening skills to be brushed up! In the lessons, you will learn a lot of situational conversation that you may come across during your stay in Japan.
This is the ideal course for the students like you who would like to learn Japanese in a relatively short period of time. You can travel to Tokyo, Kamakura and Nikko

Summer: July ~August, 3 weeks, 4 weeks, 7 weeks
Winter; January 2 or 3 weeks

Fees vary depending on the season and duration of the course. Please ask us for details.


Teitomisaki Building1F, 2-7-10, Kandamisaki-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0061
JR Suidobashi station (JR Sobu line) East Exit about 300m/ 4 minutes



school will accommodate homestay.

weekdays:including breakfast&dinner
weekends : 3 meals

2,800yen / night
2weeks(14nights): 39,200yen
3weeks(21nights): 58,800yen
4weeks(28nights): 78,400yen

Private dormitory Guest house

There are many private dormitories (guest houses) for people from overseas!

10,000yen – 30,000yen

Monthly Fee: 60,000yen – 150,000yen


  • Kudan Institute of Japanese Culture (九段日本文化研究所 日本語学院)
  • https://www.kudan-japanese-school.com/
  • Address: Teitomisaki Building1F, 2-7-10, Kandamisaki-Cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0061

Ask about Kudan Japanese Language School

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