LIVE Japanese lessons on-line from GENKI School in Japan

You may be dreaming of going to Japan and studying Japanese. But currently it is hard to envision your dream.
BUT, never give up on your dream.
You will be able to visit the beautiful country again.

Until then, let’s start practicing Japanese!
GENKI Japanese school has been offering on-line classes, and you can utilize this lessons from your home in your country.

The lessons will be from Tuesday to Friday, 2 hours per week, 8 hours in total.
Lessons are live, so depending on where you live, start time is different. If you live in North America, all courses are starting between 3 pm and 6 pm.
It may be a great summer classes for high school and university students.

Tuition for GROUP LESSON is 12000 YEN per week.
GENKI School is using ZOOM for the lessons.

GREAT advantage of signing up GENKI’s on-line classes with us.
There are several discount options for you.

  • For every 3 weeks of on-line lessons take, you will get 1 week of standard course in-school in the future FREE
  • For every week of on-line lessons taken, you will get 1 week of on-line group lessons (8 hours per week, Tues to Friday) for FREE
  • For every week of online lessons taken, you will get 3 online private lessons for FREE

All those options will be kept as credit for you to use anytime during the next 2 years but please note that once online lessons are taken, the credit will not be refundable.There is also additional offering:
GENKI school will offer you a free 3 months premium membership to an online KANJI learning application called WANIKANI to help you with your study at home.

By enrolling on-line lessons now, you can utilize the credits for your future study in Japan.

Study Japanese and Culture will assist your enrollment with GENKI for your on-line booking AND your future physical attendance classes in Japan.

Let us help achieve your dream.

Study Japanese and Culture

Author: Akiko Imairi

Hello! This is Akiko and thank you for visiting Study Japanese and Culture website. Study Japanese and Culture will help assist finding the best Japanese school and the best cultural experiences for you. Please ask any questions you might have for your trip to Japan. I am Japanese and have been living in the US for over 15 years. After working at several universities in the US, I founded my educational consulting agency in 2011 in Texas.

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