Come to Japan videos

* Above image: From Japan National Tourism Organization’s Come to Japan website,

If you are planing to visit Japan, you should do homework before actually visiting there. Of course the homework is studying about Japan.
I have a great resource for you.

Japan National Tourism Organization has just released a wonderful website.
Check the Come to Japan website. You can view the video lessons on Japanese culture and history with the animated navigator named Kizuna Ai. The photo above is Ms Kizuna Ai and the cute character will teach you a variety of topics about Japan.

There are five video lessons with Ai-chan.

Upon finishing the video lessons, you can take Quiz with prize!
Do you Instagram? You can post your photos with hashtag #japantripsenpai while visiting Japan.

Senpai= means people who are older at the same time, people with more experience.
So, once you visited Japan, you are considered as Senpai from people who have not. So, as Senpai, please post your photos in Japan via Instagram.

I am looking forward to checking your photos, soon!

Author: Akiko Imairi

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